Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Me as a Wife


It has been such a loooong time since I am not putting any post after two years. Time running so fast and Alhamdulillah I'm still get the chance to breathe and improve on my ibadah. Hopefully, they will be accepted by Allah even though they are little. Aminn..

Okay, back to my post. Actually I am posting this as my husband keep asking on a new post on my blog. Heee, thank you Mr husband for keep pushing me and yeah now a post will be on and more post will be coming. :)

As the title wrote, 'Me as a wife'. Alhamdullillah, on 18th December 2015, me and my husband Abdulrahim Mohd Yunus tie a knot as husband n wife. It feels so touch as we become husband n wife on his 26th birthday. I still remember the time when he did the akad, it feels so like touch and nervous(of course). Under simple celebration, we celebrate the joy with family members and other people and every thing seems to be like a fairy-tale. We made our short honeymoon after kenduri and I still remember he brought me to see kelip-kelip which is one of my wish list that I ask him to bring me after we married. heeeeeeee.

And you know, the moment when you have someone in your life, you will feel secure. Secure as we can feel that someone is holding you, supporting you and guide you and be with you whenever you ups and down. Honestly, we feel awkward  but as time goes on, it feels fine.(^____^)

Having different characteristics as husband and wife is not easy as we have to endure with each other. Which means we both need to accept as who we are no matter how it is. And here comes the ikhlas.  As a wife, I am trying to be as a good wife as possible. From a single women to a somebody's wife means more responsibilities. It is A good opportunity if you can ask your close person on marriage tips and read more books. I am not a book worm so I am still leaking as a wife(but improving of course!)

So to my husband, I may not be the perfect wife for you but I really hope along our journey, I can be a good wife to you. I love you, Abang. *really hope you will read this!

******Abang, this morning my mood is not good and I think you can see it too. Sorry, Makan lunch box baik2 na. Jangan lupa habis kan. Hope to see you after office hour na.****

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